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Partiers gather Thursday at Salida  SteamPlant for Boddy Jam, celebrating late Salidan William Boddy and raising money for the William Boddy Passion to Learn Scholarship program. From left are Jacques Boddy, Trish Bews, Michael Varnum and Cindy Flanagan. “I wish we were still celebrating William’s birthday,” Varnum said, “instead of doing Boddy Jam.”

William Boddy’s son Jacques recently moved from Washington to Salida and attended Boddy Jam for the first time Thursday.

Jacques Boddy said now he realizes all the stuff his dad had been up to.

“I never knew he made an impact in a community like this,” Jacques said. “It feels really good to know so many people here were impacted by him. It makes me want to live up to that.”

Boddy Jam was started four years ago, after William Boddy, a longtime Salida artist, musician and community volunteer, unexpectedly died. His death came just a few days before a planned birthday celebration at Salida SteamPlant, which was turned into a memorial.

The next year, a group including Barb Ewing and Rick Richter thought about doing something to honor Boddy and came up with a scholarship fund managed by the Salida Council for the Arts.

Boddy Jam includes music, food, art and a silent auction to raise money for the William Boddy Passion to Learn Scholarship program.

Passion to Learn Scholarships go to people who apply to teach free classes that the community can benefit from. Salida Arts and Culture Director Michael Varnum said he thinks it’s one of the most successful things the Council for the Arts has done.

Barbara Ewing, who coordinates the silent auction among other things, said the final numbers hadn’t come in yet, but she was confident the silent auction met its goal of raising $5,000.

The auction had twice as many items as usual, Ewing said, and she even had to turn people away.

“Thanks to the community,” Ewing said. “They’re so generous, so giving.”

Nine scholarships were awarded Thursday, for a total of about $4,200. The classes offered will be beginner watercolors with Donna Wagle; stage combat: rapier sword with Tina Gramann; adult Rok Skool with Trevor “Bones” Davis; extended technique guitar workshop with John Drew Peterson; smashed cookie tin jewelry with Christine Davis; dance improvisation with Barbara Baker; quick comics class with Kat Sanford; kids’ art classes with Laurin Jennings; and stone fetish carving with Deidre Wilda.

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