Christmas carolers

Christmas carolers sing at the Holiday Roundup and Open House Friday at Salida SteamPlant. The event took place after the Parade of Lights.

After the Parade of Lights Friday, people not only filled businesses in downtown Salida, they also filled Salida SteamPlant.

The SteamPlant’s Holiday Roundup and Open House featured cookies and cocoa and Christmas carols. It also gave people, many still wearing their costumes from the parade, a warm place to visit after the fireworks and lighting of Christmas Mountain USA.

Rose Seavey, who moved to Salida from Arvada, participated in the parade for the first time with the Ark Valley Kazoo Band.

“Oh my god, it was great,” Seavey said. “There were so many lights and fun festivities.”

She called the Parade of Lights “the best Christmas parade I’ve ever seen.”

Seavey met up with her friend Bonnie Shippy at the open house.

“It’s awesome and you get to see friends you haven’t seen in 30 years,” Seavey said. Shippy, who moved here from Wheat Ridge, said they’ve been coming to Salida during the holidays for the last five years. “I love it here,” Shippy said. “It’s the best and there’s a great community.”

Their favorite part of Friday, however, was the fireworks.

“The fireworks were amazing with the lights,” Seavey said.

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