BUENA VISTA – Chaffee County commissioners continued the public hearing on a special event permit resolution for Seven Peaks Music Festival until March 10 at the request of festival organizers.

Assistant County Attorney Daniel Tom said he and the organizers, Live Nation, were still deliberating on language of the resolution.

Tom said Live Nation was focused on wording of sound level requirements in the draft resolution.

The promoter is “making sure the concert can meet that (requirement),” Tom said at the commissioners’ Tuesday meeting.

Commissioners initially approved Live Nation’s special event permit application for the country music festival in January and now needs to formally draft and pass a resolution to make it official. That would allow the event to return to the Meadows for the third time on Labor Day weekend, Sept. 4-7.

Tuesday was the second time Live Nation has asked commissioners to continue discussion of the resolution. The promoter requested an extra week to look over the draft resolution earlier this month.

The 18-page draft lays out numerous requirements and a timetable of deadlines in preparation for the festival, which last year brought 11,500 ticket-holders to the former farm outside Buena Vista.

Requirements related to sound pressure levels, which Tom said had not changed from the previous year’s resolution, stipulate that sound from the stage not exceed 108 dBA and 122 dBC, as measured on rolling intervals from the main stage’s sound mixing desk, roughly 160 feet from the main stage.

Additionally, sound levels must not exceed 50 dBA when measured at the property line of the Meadows.

The draft resolution places the 2020 festival’s estimated attendance at 20,000 and approves up to 20,700.

The resolution would also establish a county reimbursement fund. Once Live Nation’s operational plans are submitted, the county will produce an estimated cost of public services.

Live Nation will be expected to contribute that amount to the fund, and the county will return any balance that may be left over in the fund after the festival is complete.

Text of the resolution makes a preliminary estimate of a $370,613 deposit based on costs of last year’s festival, including a $70,000 cushion.

The draft resolution also requires Live Nation to “provide to the county statistics and records, including basic event information, sufficient for the county to prepare an economic impact and other studies relating to the event and/or provide the county with an independently prepared economic impact report.”

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