For the fourth time, Salidan Taryn Ceglowski was the first woman finisher Thursday at the Tenderfoot Hill Climb, in a field of 203 competitors who ran, hiked and tumbled their way up and down the course.

Ceglowski finished ninth overall in 13 minutes, 49 seconds. Salidan Camden Gillis took first overall, with a time of 11:46.

Competitors raced from F Street across the bridge and the railroad tracks to the top of Tenderfoot Mountain and up the stairs to the gazebo on top, then back down to the start/finish line.

It was Ceglowski’s third straight win. She also won in 2015. She won the Triple Crown in 2015, 2017 and 2018.

A 2017 Salida High School graduate and now a college runner, Ceglowski said the hardest part of the race was the stairs at the top.

“That’s always one of the most punishing races I run,” Ceglowski said.

Her strategy was to work hard going up, she said, and take it easy going down and let gravity do the work.

A 2019 Salida High School graduate, Gillis, who finished second in the 2018 3A cross-country championships, led the race wire to wire.

The toughest part was definitely the uphill, Gillis said after the race.

“Once you get like 100 yards up, you start to understand how steep it is,” he said.

He said he’s used to following someone up, so he had no idea where he was going as the front-runner. He finished in fifth place last year.

At one point, on the way down, Gillis leapt off Spiral Drive onto the rocks below. When asked why he did that, he said he figured he’d have less chance of falling if he was in the air.

Spencer Lacy of Boulder finished second with a time of 12:12, and Salidan Sam Kearley finished third with a time of 12:24.

For the women, Kristi Spanier of Salida finished second with a time of 15:48, and Salidan Ruby Brown took third with a time of 16:03.

Stan Burgess, 75, of Falcon was the oldest male finisher, with a time of 1:08:40. The oldest female finisher was Teresa Estrada, 61, of Howe, Texas, with a time of 42:04.

The two youngest competitors were 5-year-olds Kian McGovern (32:09) and Isaac Orr (32:25), both of Salida. The youngest female competitor was 6-year-old Kaya Rhoads of Salida, who finished at 39:48.

The middle of the pack award went to Greg Peak of Salida, who finished 101st with a time of 23:15.

Near the end of the race, the wind kicked up and it began to rain.

“It never blows in Salida,” announcer Zech Papp said. “Always sunny skies and never-ending possibilities.

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