TRAC STAR finalists

Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center TRAC STAR finalists and winner stand with CEO Bob Morasko following an award ceremony Monday at the hospital. Imaging technologist Heather Doran won the TRAC STAR honor for the fourth quarter. From left are phlebotomist Raven Stubbs, environmental services technician Kathy Domjanich, Doran and Morasko.

Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center CEO Bob Morasko recognized imaging technologist Heather Doran as the fourth-quarter TRAC STAR at a ceremony Monday at the hospital.

The TRAC STAR award recognizes outstanding employees and is presented quarterly.

TRAC STAR is an acronym for the core values that guide HRRMC employee performance: teamwork, recognition, attitude, customer service, safety, talent, accountability and respect.

Doran, who is originally from South Dakota, has been working at HRRMC since 2013.

Duane Johnson, imaging department manager, said she has been “instrumental in the hospital’s CT and MRI programs with providing great patient care along with quality imaging.”

Her nomination for the award said, “Heather is a team player, coming in early or staying late to get an MRI exam completed on an inpatient when needed.

“Heather is very compassionate with her patients and is always willing to take the extra time in making patients comfortable, especially with MRI exams.

“Heather also is advancing her skills and learning new things to be a stronger tech in the imaging department.

“Heather is an asset to this department. She is appreciated more than she knows.”

Doran said she was really honored by the award.

It’s a great feeling to have others recognise all the hard work, she said.

“It’s humbling,” said Doran.

Morasko presented Doran with a $200 gift check, a jacket with the hospital’s TRAC STAR logo and a certificate to be professionally photographed. A plaque with her photo will be displayed in the hospital café.

Other finalists for the quarter were environmental service technician Kathy Domjanich and phlebotomist Raven Stubbs.

Domjanich’s nomination cited her willingness to work in different departments to get the job done and make sure everything is cleaned the way it is supposed to be cleaned so as not to spread infection.

“Her happy smile, courtesy to patients and staff and respectful manner” were also noted.

The nomination for Stubbs praised her willingness to meet and exceed her duties as a phlebotomist, saying she always introduces herself, greets patients with a smile and helps them get to where they need to go.

“She is attentive to what her co-workers have to say and is always willing to help with questions or any problems that arise.”

The nomination also noted Stubb’s sensitivity to patients’ unique needs.

All TRAC STAR nominees for all four quarters are eligible for TRAC STAR of the Year, which will be awarded in February.

Any employee can nominate one of their colleagues for the honor.

Members of the hospital’s communications team review all nominations and then cast individual ballots to determine the finalists and winner.

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