The Salida Record, June 13, 1919:

Nothing was more striking evidence of the value of blooded horse or bull than the proof furnished by James J. Hill.

When he built the Great Northern R.R., it was through a farmless land. He determined to transform it into an agricultural wonderland. He went to New York and gave a commission to A.E. Johnson, American agent of the Scandinavian-American Steamship Company, to bring to America as many Swedish and Norwegian farm families as he could get to settle along the line of the Great Northern.

How much he assisted these people in the matter of transportation and free or cheap land is not stated.

Next he sent agents to England and northern France to buy blooded Percherons or Clydesdales.

His men bought until they thought they had enough and were willing to stop, but a peremptory order came from Mr. Hill to keep buying.

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