The Salida Record, June 13, 1919:

Reconstruction plans of the Department of Labor provide for America perhaps the greatest development of public works and housing ever projected.

A greater and better America is the object of this vast campaign. The building program contemplated by the department will mean a transition from war to a peace basis; it will furnish employment for large numbers of the men to be demobilized from the army and war industries; and it will stand after the readjustment is completed, as a monument to American labor and enterprise. It will mean a tremendous addition to the material wealth of the country and to its public resources.

States and cities are being encouraged to put full steam ahead on their plans for betterment, held up nearly two years as a result of the war. The average working man who has been steadily employed during the war probably has more money than ever before, and now is the time for him to begin an investment in a home.

Building, in short, is an important part of the Government’s plan for peace. Stopped during the war, this industry is far behind its normal condition.

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