Something’s Gonna Happen

Something’s gonna happen

And we all said that’s true.

Something’s gonna happen

But no one really knew.

Something’s gonna happen

Went to the back of my mind.

Something’s gonna happen

Got lost to my busy time.

A Chinese coughed in Wutan

Then two, then four, then eight.

The leaders tried to hide it

But the cough was out the gate.

Some said not to worry

We have walls and a travel ban.

But a virus knows no borders

And we stuck our heads in the sand.

Some said not to worry

It’s no worse than the flu.

So little was done to stop it

And the pandemic grew and grew.

Now’s not the time to panic

Nor to find somewhere to hide.

We must find the inner strength

To face this side by side.

Some say hope’s eternal

I know that’s very true.

We need to keep that hope alive

And find charity too.

Something’s gonna happen

Perseverance will prevail.

Something’s gonna happen

Smooth seas again we’ll sail.

Cecil Rhodes,


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