In a time of school cancellations and “social distancing,” parents must find ways to keep their kids occupied while avoiding social gatherings.

Chaffee County Public Health offered a number of ideas in a press release:

How to talk to your younger kids about Coronavirus & COVID-19 – National Public Radio offers an explanation for kids; search for: just-for-kids-a-comic-exploring-the-new-coronavirus.

Board games – Dust off the Monopoly, Clue, Pictionary and other games and get some quality family interaction.

Biking and hiking – Discover your parks, local trails and get out for a ride or hike. Take water, snacks and hand wipes.

“Out School” at-home learning resources – Fun online options for first-eighth grades can be found at Includes online links to Khan Academy, BrainPOP, Masterclass and Coding with Kids.

Walk your dogs and/or help your neighbors walk their dogs – Some neighbors may not be able to get out, so help them walk their dog. They can tie their dog on their porch for you to pick up and drop off to decrease contact.

Cooking – Whip up a storm in the kitchen. Cooking is a life skill and is useful to any age group. Make something unique or teach kids to make their own egg.

Exercise with fun music dance videos on YouTube – look up your favorite type of music and dances that go with those tunes!

Twelve Famous Museums Virtual Tours you can take on your couch –

Crafts – Kids asking for new toys? Have them try to make its best version themselves. Use toilet and paper towel tubes, glue, paper bags. Paint rocks for the spring garden. Make cards for friends and family.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects – Time to clean that garage? Paint that dull room a new color? Build a garden planter box for spring. This is your time to get started.

Give toys a bubble bath – help your kids care for their favorite (waterproof) toys.

Family goals – When was the last time you set goals as family? Check out these helpful steps:

Playdates should only be arranged in an outdoor spacious setting, with no touching and well-managed social distancing of 6 feet or more between children. Use plenty of disinfectant hand sanitizer.

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