Chaffee County Habitat for Humanity’s sixth annual Mac & Cheese Bake-off raised an estimated $13,500 for the charitable organization, an increase over last year’s estimated $10,000.

The event drew 250 attendees and 26 cooks, whose creations vied for first-place honors in the individual and restaurant categories.

Angela Wallace, program coordinator for the group, said this year’s bake-off was a “super successful” event.

Emilia Grace Brooker took home first-place honors in the individual category with her bacon and mushroom macaroni and cheese.

Brooker said this was the first time she had entered the contest.

She said she always just liked cooking and thought she would give it a try.

She was not expecting to win the $100 gift card for first place.

First place in the restaurant category went to Susan Rivale and Terry Accaira for their “Bacon Lovers Mac and Cheese” creation.

The two are employees of Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort.

Organizers of the event were Cristian Brollier and P.J. Hedman, both interns with Habitat for Humanity this summer.

Hedman said the event had 22 sponsors.

Brollier said the event gets bigger every year, and they appreciated all of the people who sponsored, volunteered for and came out to the bake-off.

This was the first year that second and third prizes were awarded in each category.

In the individual category second place and a $50 gift card went to Jonathan Wilson, and third place and a $25 gift card went to Kent Maxwell.

Gracie Defore earned second place and a $50 gift card in the restaurant category, and last year’s first-place winner, Brett Boren, Mount Princeton banquet chef, came in third, winning a $25 gift card.

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